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Anritsu MT9083A
OTDR Master Access
Optical fiber is a key technology in today's modern communication systems, including access networks such as FTTx, CATV, and optical LANs. In addition, fiber optic technology plays an increasingly important role in cellular communication and digital broadcasting systems. Technicians who maintain this diverse system are forced to carry a variety of test equipment on the spot, including the OTDR, Light Source, Optical Power Meter, Visible Light Source, etc., as well as notebook computers to evaluate FTTx QoS. On the other hand, fiber construction requires a measuring instrument with different functions and performance. For example, FTTx access networks use single mode fiber (SM) while optical LANs use multimode (MM) fiber. In addition, the core network and backbone utilize long fibers while optical access networks use short fiber, both require different types of measuring devices with different performance. But now the new line of MT9083A ACCESS Master OTDRs solves all these problems by providing all the measurement and performance functions needed for fiber optic construction and maintenance in a compact, lightweight, all-in-one unit that removes loads carrying many different sets of tests and instruments in place. Whatever your work, construction or maintenance, long distance or intra-building, Anritsu has an MT9083A model for your needs.

Equipment Complete:
+ Anritsu MT9083A OTDR Unit (38db)
+ Adapter Charger Original
+ Power Cable Original
+ Battery Original

Very well maintained condition
All Functions Are Still Normal
Keypad is Good and Normal
Battery It's Ok

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